• Irene Taylor

The Art of Letting Go in Yoga

"Letting go is the hardest Asana"

There have been times where I have done a complete Yoga practice only to realise that I have not allowed myself to let go and allowed my mind to let go and become quiet.

Hands up if you have done this? ✋

What I mean by letting go is detaching yourself from your thoughts and becoming wholly present in your practice.

Becoming at one with your practice.

You see, thoughts have a mind of their own and always try and muzzle their way back into our minds and distract us from being present and having that focused, still mind. They are quite happy to keep doing this if we let them.

We then become stuck in the loop of our own thoughts, and they will just carry on and on if we let them.

To practice Yoga successfully, we have to become fully present, we have to allow our minds to be still, we have to let go.

A great way to practice letting go and to prepare yourself for a good Yoga practice, is to have a bit of quiet time before you start either sitting or in Savasana.

Get comfortable and relaxed and try and detach yourself from your thoughts by focusing in on your breath.

Be an observer of your breath and be an observer of yourself letting go.

Throughout your practice, you will keep noticing that your thoughts have taken over again and again and again.

When you notice this, detach yourself from your thoughts and focus back in on your breath.

This will allow you to keep letting go, over and over and over again.

And by the time you get to the end of your practice, you will notice your mind is a lot calmer, a lot stiller, a lot more peaceful.

Perfect preparation for a bit of still meditation at the end.

You see, letting go is truly the hardest part of yoga.

So we keep practising it over and over and over again each time we take to our mats.

Letting go, letting go, letting go.

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