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Yoga makes us physically healthy. But how? Here are my Top 14!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

So I have blogged recently about how yoga is good for physical strength of bones and muscles, and flexibility of muscles and soft tissue.

But how else is a regular practice physically beneficial?

Here are my top 14 physical benefits:

1. Builds strength in our bones and muscles

2. Increases flexibility of muscles and soft tissue to enable full joint range of movement

3. Encourages good blood supply to your spine

4. Increases heart rate and blood flow, and long-term reduces overall blood pressure

5. Encourages lymph drainage and boosts immunity

6. Cleanses the body and keeps allergies and viruses at bay

7. Helps to maintain healthy adrenal function

8. Encourages good digestion

9. Lowers blood sugar and boosts good cholesterol

10. Shifts balance to your parasympathetic nervous system, the one that calms and relaxes you

11. Improves balance

12. Helps to release tension

13. You learn to use lungs fully ensuring good gaseous exchange

14. Eases pain from a number of different conditions

Go get your body really healthy and give it the best chance!

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