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You Are Worthy of Time to Make Yourself Feel Good

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

To all you lovely Keyworth and Willoughby ladies out there. Yes it is true, you are worthy of ME time!

I know it can be really difficult sometimes, especially at the moment. I'm a mum of two small children and run a business and find it incredibly hard to find that time.

But I do make this time for myself by either going for a run, doing some yoga or meditation, reading a good book or connecting with nature, because I know that I deserve it and I benefit so much from it!

You may be a mummy and have been so busy looking after your lovely family over the last few years, that you may have forgotten how or when to make time for yourself, or you might even feel that you are not worthy of this time.

But you are and you definitely deserve it!

We all need time to spend by ourselves making ourselves feel better.

There's a lovely quote which is about meditation, but is true of this too,

"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour".

It's at these times when we do feel too busy and rushed off our feet, thinking and doing for everyone else, that we need to focus in on ourselves the most and try and spend more time helping ourselves.

They say just 30 minutes a day of good quality me time and doing something that makes you feel good contributes to the overall improvement of your well-being and how you feel.

In Yoga, we learn to tune in and listen to our body and mind and become in tune with it. Your body or mind will tell you when you need to make time for yourself.

Listen to it, trust it and always act.

Your body and mind will pay you back in bucket fulls.

And if you feel good in yourself, then you will be able to give more to others too and look after all those lovely people you give your time to.

Happy me time to you!

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