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World Mental Health Day

As you all probably know yesterday was World Mental Health day.

I didn't feel that hijacking the day with yoga and meditation talk was appropriate on the actual day as it is such a complex subject. And I would never claim that yoga or meditation is a cure for all mental health conditions, but I thought I would let you know how yoga and meditation helped me with my mental health.

I got into yoga first and foremost to stay fit, healthy, strong and flexible and it did all those things. But slowly over time I noticed that it also helped with the anxiety that I used to suffer from years ago. Slowly but surely I stopped worrying about things, my mind didn't have a mind of it's own anymore where anxious/negative thoughts took over and I became a more calmer, relaxed, more focused and positive person. This was just amazing to experience in person.

There is also lots of proven scientific research out there that yoga and meditation can help with stress, anxiety and depression.

So, if you fancy trying it, start with a few yoga poses, focusing your mind on your slow breathing while you do it, to calm your mind down and give your mind stillness for a bit. See how long you can hold the poses for, while focusing on your breath.

Also try some breathing exercises, breathing in slowly for 5 counts and breathing out even slower for 10 counts focusing your mind on your breath again. If you feel your mind wondering off, whether it's thinking or worrying, bring it back to your breath. You will immediately feel calmer and more focused. The more you practice this, the more you will train your mind to be calmer and more focused.

Try it!

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