• Irene Taylor

Keep It Simple

This week we have been decluttering and simplifying in our house.

It's an ongoing process, one we do many times a year in our family in an effort to lead a SIMPLE LIFE.

But we're coming to realise, that it extends far past just decluttering and simplifying once in a while.

It's a way of life, living it intentionally every day.

Consciously thinking about how to not create clutter in the first place.

Being selective in what we allow into our lives and what we do day in day out. Our lives as a whole.

We don't want to live in a life of excess and to what we have been conditioned to do by society.

We don't want to have the biggest, the best, the most of everything.


To just have, buy, consume what we need, even through to thoughts we allow ourselves to have and the things we say, and not to allow excess to seep into our daily lives.

It's a work in progress here, but one we think is worth doing as a family!

It definitely takes a daily change of mindset and we are slowly realising this and adjusting our lives.

This way of life has such a CORRELATION TO YOGA for me.

In Yoga and meditation we are too trying to simplify. To clear our minds to achieve that feeling of overall peace and in a way a SIMPLE MIND.


How do you consciously lead a simple life?

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