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Happy International Yoga Day - The Power of yoga

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Happy International Yoga Day one and all!

A day where people across the world come together to celebrate Yoga.

And it got me thinking about what I think Yoga stands for in a tangible everyday life way.

Here are the 4 words that resonate with me:

Feel Worthy

Feel Peaceful

Feel Transformation

Feel Freedom

Feel Worthy

Feel worthy of time for self care and your own well-being.

Feel worthy and deserving of feeling good about yourselves.

Feel worthy of that sense of choice and achievement.

Feel worthy of feeling happy and nourished!

Feel Peaceful

Feel clear and focused in your mind.

Feel balanced and calm

Feel relaxed, de-stressed and soothed.

Feel Transformation

Feel stronger and less worried about injury

Feel more flexible and at ease in your body

Feel more energy

Feel healthy in your body and mind

Feel Freedom

Feel better equipped to deal with everyday busy life

Feel in control of your mind giving calm and clear thoughts

Feel relief from aches and pains

Feel freedom in your body

Feel mindful

Feel oneness

I'd love to know how Yoga makes you feel and changes you have experienced because of Yoga.

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