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4 Easy Steps To Feel Peaceful Right Now

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Do you feel sometimes that your mind has a mind of it's own? That it seems to think for itself, dwelling on something that has happened, figuring out something in the future, generally doing what it wants and is busy busy all the time?

Ever wondered why you feel so peaceful after a yoga session? It's like magic isn't it?

In Yoga, we practice the asanas (poses) to work the body of course, but also to calm the mind. We focus our gaze and always focus in on our breath and keep bringing the mind back to our breath.

This stops our mind thinking and being busy and creates a calm, still and peaceful mind.

But if you haven't got time for a yoga session right now, but a few minutes to yourself, then try these 4 easy steps to feel calmer

and more peaceful in your head right now.

You can truly do this anywhere.

Just find somewhere that is quiet.

1. Sit and get comfortable.

2. Close your eyes and take your awareness inside your body.

3. Become aware of your breath. Allow your breath to be natural, don't alter it in any way. Just notice your own breathing.

Feel you breath, notice any sensations in your body.

If your mind starts to wander off then keep bringing it back to your breath.

Continue this for a few minutes.

4. Now start to lengthen your breath, slowly breathe in for 3 counts, and then slowly breathe out for 4 counts.

Again always keep your mind focused on your breath.

Hear your breath, feel your breath.

If your mind starts to wander off, keep bringing it back to your breath.

Repeat this lovely breathing for a few minutes or for as long as you have.

And enjoy feeling more peaceful!

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